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Works for Sale

Photography always aligned to truth from the outset and taken as a reliable representation of facts to be used in a court of law also has the ability to see things that the human eye may not perceive - I have seen recently with my own eyes copious amounts of fluid issuing from a woman's face. This substance is a kind of silicon fluid that the body ejects to remove an inhabitation - or an excess of some kind of bile psychology triggered.

Suffering | 2017

Materials: wood, corrugated metal, benches, paint, HD dual projection onto a house shaped screen, stereo sound with amplifier and subwoofer, objects and paintings by Leo Kelly.

Commissioned by Unconformity Festival and Australian Government, exhibited in MONA. (For all enquiries contact

MONA text: "The work invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of...

Materials: paper, card, paint, ink, felt tip, pencil, inkjet prints from Seers' original drawings, glazed box frames 70cm x 56cm

Letter to A  Sold

Letter to N  Sold

Other works in this series available see below. (For all enquiries contact

When does an artwork begin?

Almost twenty years ago, a set of events unfolded which I could...

Nowhere Less Now⁷ Materials: wood, cardboard, polystyrene, metal, plaster, HD dual projection, stereo sound on headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent.

An episodic work, which in this chapter addresses Glynn Vivian; his collection; his travels; his possible narcolepsy; his love of pugs ...we hear Vivian's voice musing on whether contemporary society has really managed to address problems like slavery.

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Sailors Bill Sold

Candy Cannibal  Sold

Other dummies available, click on View Work . (For all enquiries contact

Materials: Wooden structure, parts of a boat hut, window frames, reclaimed door, moss, tree trunk, metal chimney, deer skins, two synchronised 13 minute HD projections, 5.1 surround sound, drawing.

Commissioned by Lofoten International Arts Festival and subsequently shown in Quad, Dreby UK; Kunstverein, Freiburg, Germany; Sami Center for Contemporary Art/Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš  (SDG) and Galleri Festiviteten, Oslo, Norway. ...

Materials: cardboard and wood ship; figurehead (mixed material); tetrapods (mixed materails); hemisperical and spherical screens on metal structure; folded paper; HD projections x 2, wired headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent

Four versions of the work Nowhere Less Now are shown here. Each edition is an entirely different work.

Version 1 was housed in a structure based around HMS Kingfisher (Artangel),...

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Materials: wood, cardboard, polystyrene, metal, clouts, 2x HD projectors, metal masks, 2x macmini, 2 x 27minute HD films, stereo sound delivered through headphones on internal gallery system (The O). 22 minute 5.1 sound installation in the tunnel and a collection of 16 figurehead drawings.



Nowhere less now² is the second chapter in a trilogy, the first...

Exhibited in Quad, Derby, UK; Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway (long listed for Deutsche Börse Photography Prize). (For all enquiries contact

These portraits show people with a rare condition called chimerism, which is caused by the fusion of two...

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure, 22 minute DVD projection with 5.1 surround sound onto two masked MDF circular screens on mobile TV arms, monitor with headphones embedded in structure wall, free novel to take away.

Supported by Arts Council UK funding and a residency with the British School at Rome, this work was made for Matt's Gallery. It was...