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Works for Sale

The Lost Room | 2020

Lost Room is a series of photographic works shown in the Museo Del Barro in Ascunción, Paraguay

Text by M.A.Penwill

These photographic works are often in pairs, all are mounted in deep box frames with an accompanying text framed in the same way as the image (the texts are integral to the work. Mixed with the red images from her mouth, literally blood coloured by the light passing through her cheeks, are black and white images from a 6 x 6 camera triggered by a cable release in the artist's hand. This mechanical camera surveys the scene of...

A series of photographs taken with the mouth all approx 6cm x 4cm

Becoming a camera has its consequences. Days spent trying to cannibalise herself in a hand mirror revealed that no matter how hard she tried to hold the photographic paper still in her teeth it buckled and distorted, and so at every attempt she turns into a monster. By taking a picture of herself in this speculum she literally ingests her image, printing her outside on her inside, but this inversion reveals something grotesque – the unseen inner demon perhaps?

The title Optogram* is a generic name given to a series of mouth photograph works by the artist which use the original piece of photographic paper that was put into her mouth to capture an image. These human camera images are often exhibited alongside a documentary photograph (shot with a mechanical camera). These accompanying documentary images are taken at the same time at which the mouth photograph was being taken. The mouth photographs are coloured red because they are fogged by light filtering through the blood in the...

Constructs | 2020

It is impossible to know it until its over but then it is a stranger.. Everything has to grow all at once in these works. It is a dance of leaps and stumbles that constantly have to be rethought - readjusted. It does not even end with its 'completion' - it lays just born and it will continue to grow as an idea in the mind, or just become null and void. But even time re-writes it when it comes out again dusted off . Then there is me - re-wrting it literally, over and over - alwasy wanting it to resonate with a given moment. The photograph does not arrest it.

Materials: paper, card, paint, ink, felt tip, pencil, inkjet prints from Seers' original drawings, glazed box frames 70cm x 56cm

Letter to A  Sold

Letter to N  Sold

Other works in this series available see below. (For all enquiries contact [email protected])

When does an artwork begin?

Almost twenty years ago, a set of events unfolded which I could believe are the origin of these drawings/paintings. A talented art student whom I taught was diagnosed with...

Black Bag is a series of works based on the theory of optograms (this is the name given to images that were believed to be etched onto the retina. This idea came from experiments published by scientists Franz Boll and Willy Kühne in 1876/77 which seemed to prove a photograph could be taken by the eye).

"...the retina functioned like the photographic plate of a camera, therefore the final image viewed before death should remain fixed forever like a photo within the dead person’s eyes. It also came to be believed (as a logical extension of this...

Exhibited in Quad, Derby, UK; Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway (long listed for Deutsche Börse Photography Prize). (For all enquiries contact [email protected])

These portraits show people with a rare condition called tetragrametic chimerism, which is caused by the fusion of two fertilized eggs (of non-identical twins) at a very early stage of gestation in the womb. A sign of...