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Entangled²|Turner Contemporary | 7 July - 27 August

Materials: Vinyl spheres inflated with air, cord, HD video projection, radio headphones with stereo sound track, metal projection mask.

Secret location within Turner Contemporary, Margate

Lindsay Seers’ work operates in a world where everything is connected, and not just by chance. In her new film installation Entangled² she returns, as she often does, to her family history. Seers is fascinated by her great-great uncle’s condition heterochromia, where different coloured eyes result from one twin subsuming the other in...

Materials: Prefabricated/portable corrugated metal and wooden structure, screen and 13 minute HD projection with 5.1 surround sound.

Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany

Artists: Becky Beasley, Laura Horelli, Martin Kippenberger, David Meskhi, Lindsay Seers, Stephen Shore, Susanne M. Winterling

The title translates to "I is another"
The title of this group exhibition refers to the famous saying by Arthur Rimbaud: Je est un autre. The grammatical distortion already expresses the awkwardness of wanting to...

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure finished with clouts, metal chimney, screen, 13 minute video projection with sound from three channels.

A  collaboration between Bonniers Konsthall and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

Artists: Rosa Barba, Marco Brambilla, Douglas Gordon, Alex Reynolds, Lindsay Seers, Ryan Trecartin & Lizzie Fitch, Ming Wong


Excerpt from Press Release:

"The film Extramission 6 (Black Maria) recounts how artist Lindsay Seers spoke her first words when she was...


Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure, two masked circular  MDF screens on mobile TV arms, DVD projection with 5.1 surround sound, cardboard star, 2 monitors and plinths with headphones, 2 DVDs with stereo sound, benches, free novel to take away.

In 1999 a young woman was involved in a moped accident. She suffered damage to both her short and long-term memory and was left unable to decipher her experiences. A year later she went missing in Rome and has subsequently not been found.
It has to be this way1.5 is a new commission by aspex and...

Materials: Prefabricated/portable corrugated metal and wooden structure, bell, screen and 13 minute HD projection with 5.1 surround sound.

This work housed in a portable corrugated metal structure was conceived in Queenstown in Tasmania (where Seers worked with Cath Chick and Peter Turner, with the support of Salamanca Art Centre and Raymond Arnold). Tracking her great great uncles' naval experiences in Australia, her father's role as a radio operator in the Royal Navy and her brother's attendance of the Royal Hospital Naval School, Seers' work in Tasmania...

Monodrome (Athens Biennale), Monocular³ | 23 October – 11 December 2011

 Materials: Two inflatable spheres suspended on cords with a masked SD projection of a doubled image. Amplified stereo sound from two sources (radio microphones and DVD). Two wooden platforms, a ventriloquist dummy dressed as a sailor, a sailor's uniform, long auburn wig.

Athens Biennale, Greece 

Lindsay Seers’ work for the 3rd Athens Biennale, titled Monocular³  took place on Wednesday 9th Νovember 2011, 17:00-19:00, in five cycles of 20 minutes which were freely improvised with an actor...

Materials: Wooden structure, parts of a boat hut, window frames, reclaimed door, moss, tree trunk, metal chimney, deer skins, two synchronised 13 minute HD projections, 5.1 surround sound, drawing.

Lofoten International Art Festival, Norway

Monocular, shown in Something in the way at the Lofoten International Art Festival, Norway, is a prefabricated wooden structure, the interior of which is rendered as if it is the exterior surface, giving the impression that the building has been turned inside out  but this inversion has some...

Materials: 2 video works for monitors with headphones,  2 plinths and a bench, I video projection with surround sound and subwoofer  (all videos to be screened together), 12, 13 and 14 minutes duration, looped. Fabric tent on a wooden structure, fabric screen on a wooden frame.

Rugby Art Gallery and Museum Collection

Extramission 2 (The Trilogy), 2005/10The World of Jule Eisenbud; Intermission; Extramission 2

Extramission 2
The final film in the trilogy covers Seer’s attempts...

Extramission 6|Gallery TPW | 2 April - 30 April 2011

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure finished with clouts, metal chimney, screen, 13 minute video projection with sound from three channels.

TPW  Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Tate Collection

Review: ARTFORUM 04.13.11 (04.02.11 – 04.30.11 Gallery TPW).  Author: Jen Hutton.

The primary component of Lindsay Seers’ installation Extramission 6 (Black Maria), 2009, is a profound video that ruminates on memory and perception by means of the artist’s biography. Projected...

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure with steel platform. Cardboard tubes, cardboard star and diamond forms, wooden stairs, 22 minute HD video with 5.1 surround sound, masked projection onto an elevated circular screen. Monitor work on a plinth, free novel on shelves.

Essay: Lindsay Seers – It has to be this way2. Author: Ole Hagen.

“I was her mother but she was never my daughter and now she has gone missing I can honestly say that I never loved her...