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Suffering | MONA, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia | 10th June 2017 - 30th April


Materials: Corrugated metal, wood, benches, sub woofer and speakers, mac mini, cables, HD projector with digital lense shift and zoom function, 40 paintings, 2 crucifixes, film and stereo sound.

This exhibition invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of deceased Queenstown (Tasmania) resident, Leo Kelly. Displayed within a re-constructed tin-hut tabernacle, visitors watch Seers' film which is focused on Kelly. Alongside the tabernacle is an installation of Kelly’s paintings which reveals his relationship with faith, from visions...



Materials: metal and cloth 2m D circular screen, HD projection, media player, candles, theatre light, 70 wireless headphones

Sound by Lindsay Seers, Pendle Poucher and David Dhonau, animation by Keith Sargent and Lindsay Seers, camera Tom Wright


Lindsay Seers presents a video installation with performative elements in the ceremonial setting of the Masonic Temple at Andaz London, a Grade-II listed Temple that...

Materials; three channel video installation (HD on brightsign media players), modified satellite dishes with curtain enclosure in red and black fabric, wireless audio (silent disco).

Seers’ work ‘Mental Metal'  considers, through Simon Forman's writings, how elements of contemporary life have passed beyond causal, materialist/mechanistic concepts to speculations that have a hint of the supernatural about them. Although calling down spirits and distilling alchemical potions has the semblance of pure superstition, the complex metaphysical...

Materials: wood, cardboard, polystyrene, metal, plaster, HD dual projection, stereo sound on headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent

Lindsay Seers spent her early childhood in Mauritius (a formerly uninhabited island off Madagascar). With the island’s mix of British, French, African and Indian cultures this colonial start to her life has had an ongoing impact on her work.

The World Made New | PiArtworks, London | 14th April - 20th May


Materials: paper, card, paint, ink, felt tip, pencil, inkjet prints, box frames 70cm x 56cm

Curated by Oliver Sumner. Artists: Sovay Berriman, Ilana Halperin, Iz Öztat, Lindsay Seers, and Michelle Williams Gamaker

Almost twenty years ago, a set of events unfolded which I could believe are the origin of these drawings/paintings. A talented art student whom I taught was diagnosed with the condition of schizophrenia; then I had by chance discovered a book, "Lenz" by Georg Büchner, on a shelf in a house I was temporarily staying...


Suffering | The Unconformity | Tasmania | 14th October - 16th October

Materials: wood, corrugated metal, benches, paint, HD dual projection onto a house shaped screen, stereo sound with amplifier and subwoofer, objects and paintings by Leo Kelly

Text from a review in Artlink by Andrew Harper

UK artist Lindsay Seers has been to Queenstown before and made vital work from her visits, but her latest work Suffering is an experience that is almost unprecedented. Seers, with the assistance of Ray Arnold, has made this work about the now-deceased Queenstown resident Leo Kelly. Seers has trod carefully and made a...

Materials: Fabric, 3 televisions, 2 silvered chalices, a crow, a head, a hymn number chart, a list of vicars, a glass bob of blood, photographic redlamps, various furniture, images on a light box, a speaker, radio headphones, 3 DVD players.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher; production and animation with Keith Sargent

Gallery Notes:

Anamorphosis is a way of embedding a hidden, elicit, covert or politically dangerous image in another picture through distortion. Often anamorphosis is revealed by a curved silver mirror – a cylinder.


Nowhere Less Now⁵

Materials: satellite dishes,  projections x 2, wired headphones

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent

Seers gathers her materials within the reveries of interviewed subjects, who are filmed or voice recorded. First she finds the people, those with stories to tell, then she tells the tale; the ultimate form of the work emerges out of the intersections of these ‘true’ stories. But the direction of the creative process may also be...

Materials: wood, fibreglass, artex, cloth, paint, LED lights, astro turf, metal.

Golf holes by artists: Lindsay Seers, John Akomfrah, Ellie Harrison, Candice Jacobs, Hetain Patel, Yara El-Sherbini, Yinka Shonibare, Eyal Weizman and Doug Fishbone.

Lindsay Seers’ golf hole (originally conceived of for the Venice Biennale 2015) features a figurehead upside down and pregnant being attacked by two enormous snakes. It is a clear critique of British colonialism past through the specifics of individual biographies. The...


Nowhere Less Now⁴ |Hayward Gallery | 14th October - 4th January

Materials: cardboard and wood ship; figurehead (mixed material); tetrapods (mixed materails); hemisperical and spherical screens on metal structure; folded paper; HD projections x 2, wired headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent