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Materials:  VR Headsets with headphones, wall paintings, shadow lamps, medical swivel stools, 1 drawing and sunflower heads.

Sound; Pendle Poucher, Julian Broadhurst, Lindsay Seers. Animation, Direction, Production Keith Sargent and Lindsay Seers

Care(less) (2019) is a highly original immersive 360-degree VR. The work uses the hallucinatory quality of VR technology to convey an embodied experience of what it is to be in an ageing body.

This OPCARE artist commission responds to new research by the University of Birmingham, University of Brighton...


Care(less) | Fabrica, Brighton | 5th October - 24th November

Materials:  VR Headsets with headphones, wall paintings, shadow lamps, medical swivel stools, 6 drawings and sunflower heads.

This work addresses hallucination and embodied viewing in relation to our current social and economic constructs regarding attitudes to the elderly and social care in Britain. It is also concerned with the hallucinatory condition of filmic mediums (here specifically Virtual Reality) which feel closer to how the mind itself works rather than how this is conveyed in the more historic film mediums. Alongside the medium itself the work questions the...

Materials: two robots, surround sound system, radio headphones, 3 synchronized media players, 3 projectors and a programmed light

Corroborators Keith Sargent and Pendle Poucher

Using the former Courthouse building in Arbroath’s Town Centre for the second time, Hospitalfield is co-commissioner of a new work by UK-based artist Lindsay Seers, Every Thought There Ever Was. Through the use of digital animation, robotics, film, drawing and sound design the artist has created a complex and layered environment that explores a world experienced differently....

Materials: 23 framed photographs, 4 monitor works and a projection with stereo sound

In the morass of general political/social ideas about the world and its current state, each one of us has to navigate this excess of divergent information with our fleshy ageing bodies and our own specific and local perceptions. How do we conceive of a "race" or of  a "nation"? These are categories that can not be easily accounted for except in generalisations that do not fit the detail. Consciousness itself is what underpins any semantic human thought and...


An ambitious moving image installation by Lindsay Seers exploring schizophrenia and contemporary insights into the condition.

Shaped by philosophical ideas and scientific research concerned with the phenomenon of consciousness, Seers’ work combines industrial robotics with a three-screen video projection.

The exhibition draws on first-person accounts, discussions with experts, and an experimental treatment known as Avatar Therapy, in which those living with schizophrenia can speak to their persecutors in a digital world.

Using Victorian surgeon James Miranda...


Materials: HD two channel film with headphones shown on two 1.8m (D) satellite dishes, or the hull of an upturned ship. The fifth chapter of an episodic work Nowhere Less Now

The exhibition includes work by previous winners of the Jarman Award from 2008–2017: Luke Fowler, Lindsay Seers, Emily Wardill, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, James Richards, John Smith, Ursula Mayer, Seamus Harahan, Heather Phillipson and Oreet Ashery, alongside films commissioned from shortlisted artists by Channel 4.

Nowhere Less Now5  is...


Materials: 2 x 1.8m (diameter) spheres with dual HD projection with media players playing a 16 minute looped film with stereo sound on radio headphones. The gallery space has a red curtain and carpet with a bench

Works by Ryan Gander, Rebecca Horn, Laure Prouvost, and Lindsay Seers | Curated by Marwan T. Assaf

Fleeting Exits is a group exhibition that brings together works that draw on notions of gender, escape, and liberation. Spanning from theatrical installation to robotic sculptures, these works transform into a microcosm...

Materials: two robots, surround sound system, radio headphones, 3 synchronized media players, 3 projectors and a programmed light

Gallery Statement

Drawing on philosophical ideas and scientific research, this ambitious project by UK based artist Lindsay Seers considers historical representations of schizophrenia and contemporary insights into the condition achieved through the use of virtual reality.

Through digital animation, special effects, drawing and sound design, ‘Every Thought There Ever Was’ explores the extraordinary brain functioning that...

A Woman's Place | Knole, Seven Oaks, Kent | 17th May - 4th November


Materials: website with HD screens divided in to three segments.

Artists: Lubaina Himid, CJ Mahony, Lindsay Seers, Emily Speed, Alice May Williams & Melanie Wilson

Curated by Lucy Day & Eliza Gluckman

Seven contemporary art commissions highlight the progression towards equality through the stories of women who have contributed to the spirit & history of Knole.

Lindsay Seers' commission involves an on-line work to be viewed after a visit to Knole. Cards in Knole visitor...

Suffering | MONA, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia | 10th June 2017 - 30th April


Materials: Corrugated metal, wood, benches, sub woofer and speakers, mac mini, cables, HD projector with digital lense shift and zoom function, 40 paintings, 2 crucifixes, film and stereo sound.

This exhibition invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of deceased Queenstown (Tasmania) resident, Leo Kelly. Displayed within a re-constructed tin-hut tabernacle, visitors watch Seers' film which is focused on Kelly. Alongside the tabernacle is an installation of Kelly’s paintings which reveals his relationship with faith, from visions...