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Dancing in Helgoland

Travelling to Helgoland I found small signs of the relationship to Zanzibar. I also found the deep pit in the landscape from the largest bomb ever discharged, dropped by the British. Next to the crater is a memorial to Heisenberg, at the spot where he allegedly conceived of the H bomb, (although I believe the crater from the British bomb and his epiphany on the H bomb actually have no causal link). An extremely odd coincidence?

We attended a village hall event on the island which comprised of sea-shanties in English rounded off with bongo playing from Tanzania.

More on the dwarves mug

I was just reading another biography of LF in which it states that Snow White was her inspiration to become a dancer:

Then, like one of those signpost moments that define Riefenstahl’s life and career, she visited the theatre for a presentation of the ballet "Snow White". From that moment on, and without question, she knew that she was to become a dancer. Along with the theatre, her hobbies as a child were to read Fairy Tales ...

In the knowledge that the future wholly belongs to us

Stills of Leni Riefenstahl in Ray Müller's 1993 documentary The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl.

Boot in the Face

trading islands (and islanders)

Some Thoughts On Autobiography

Concerning the human life stories Antonio Damasio says consciousness itself only begins when the brain acquires the simple power to tell a story.

discovery of an old text

This new year for various reasons I have been re-visiting works that fell under the name/theme of Extramission dating back to 2005. Clearing off my old computer I found this old text by MA Penwill.