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16th March 2017

Synchronicity - temperature warm/hot

A Page for Monika

29th March 2017

A Page for Mila

29th March 2017
Dear Mila,
just now I had decided I needed to leave the room for a few moments due to cabin fever and found you with packs of tarot cards in your hands.

A Page for Gunnlaug

30th March 2017
Dear Gunnlaug,
it is a very specific thing to grow up in a place leave it and not return for 35 years. That is quite a major thing to have in common. Formative.

A Page for Nina T

29th March 2017

A Page for AKA Oliver Olson

29th March 2017

A Page for Jeremy

29th March 2017

A Page for Rachel

29th March 2017
Dear Rachel,

A Page for Anne

      Rock from Mental Metal (Lindsay Seers 2017)

A Global State of Pareidolia – First List of My Connections with Group