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A Page for Mila

29th March 2017
Dear Mila,
just now I had decided I needed to leave the room for a few moments due to cabin fever and found you with packs of tarot cards in your hands.

A Page for Gunnlaug

30th March 2017
Dear Gunnlaug,
it is a very specific thing to grow up in a place leave it and not return for 35 years. That is quite a major thing to have in common. Formative.

A Page for Nina T

29th March 2017

A Page for AKA Oliver Olson

29th March 2017

A Page for Jeremy

29th March 2017

A Page for Rachel

29th March 2017
Dear Rachel,

A Page for Anne

      Rock from Mental Metal (Lindsay Seers 2017)

A Global State of Pareidolia – First List of My Connections with Group

EM 15 Doug Fishbone’s Leisure Land Golf | Venice Biennale

To be invited to show is always a privilege. Quad had previously realized a large work of mine so I knew they understood the intensity that surrounds how I work (re: my requirement to be involved in the complete process of the making and installation of the work and the necessity to adjust elements during the making). In my collaboration with EM 15 I appreciated enormously the patient acceptance of my methods and the tolerance shown towards this demanding approach. An example of this was the importance for me to choose a fabricator with whom I knew I could collaborate.

Dancing (Political?)

At a conference in Oslo (Norwegian Artists Research Forum) I met a woman over breakfast also researching the 1890's in British history - she is writing about Dartington Hall. We spoke about the re-thinking of the body in modernist dance which began to emerge in that period - specifically women's bodies and also the odd relevance of Theosophy of this time. We drifted onto the conditions that allowed fascism to rise in the coming century and the right wing elements in turn of the last century avant-garde.