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Biography of the artist through her works until 2012

Text by Michael Denholm in "In the Vineyard of Art, The Story of Art and Tasmani.  A History. Volume 4"

Suffering | MONA, Hobart,Tasmania, Australia

Review and Notes on Suffering by Lindsay Seers


Text from a review in Artlink by Andrew Harper

Every Thought There Ever Was | 2018

First thoughts from 2015 for Every Thought There Ever Was

New 23second videos by others...

Image and sound by Keith Sargent

Some writing about Praksis

A 23 second Film (for each one of you)

Wear headphones if you can. You will need to click on Read More at the bottom of the visible list now to see them all. They are rough...(music by David Dhonau)

Collaboration is too fucked up - lets CORROBORATE




16th March 2017

Synchronicity - temperature warm/hot

A Page for Monika

29th March 2017

A Page for Mila

29th March 2017
Dear Mila,
just now I had decided I needed to leave the room for a few moments due to cabin fever and found you with packs of tarot cards in your hands.