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a mistake

Is it a mistake to out one's anxiety, (you smile and the world smiles with you - you cry - you cry alone)? Perhaps I don't believe this (crying alone, I often cry because someone else is crying) - it helped me a lot how many people also share this situation and struggle when I posted the text below on FB. It is not a singular event - it is a mass event. It is not about me, it's about 'us' (although I can't let go of the idea that if I could hustle and be more open, less introverted I would be in  better position), or got more lucky...!

I posted this on FB

I hope this doesn't contravene my recent statement about FB being for seeing what friends are doing but I have this dark under belly of anxiety as I am wondering how I am possibly going to get by now.
Like most lower class origin artists (this is a common situation) I have no capital and own nothing except cameras, computers and paints. I never earned enough to get a mortgage and have zero possibility of inheritance from family as we have all lived hand to mouth. I really can not see how I can continue on one day a week teaching or even be sure that this will continue as an option. I wonder how you are all thinking about this? The arts will have to continue to take up the untenable role of having to heal the social and political problems that the government need to address through effective policy not through art workshops and campaigns that should be driven by intelligent and factual mass media (paid with real wages). A lot of us came to art school when you could be there because it was funded by the state if your parents had no finances...but all the endless unpaid work, making work for all these years, to fit budgets that often do not cover costs, and often with minimum fees in relation to the extent of the endeavour, it takes its toll (mental health affecting physical health). I have often had to fight hard and made myself unpopular by asking for payment for professional labour required to make artworks.
I have no pension also as I could not afford it being taken out of my wages. I live in my boyfriend house in Kent after being forced out of London. Becoming ill is a real concern in terms of income and being cared for. I know there are a lot worse off than me, but I am very worried. How can we help each other in these times to come?