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Materials: two robots, surround sound system, radio headphones, 3 synchronized media players, 3 projectors and a programmed light

Drawing on philosophical ideas and scientific research, this ambitious project by UK based artist Lindsay Seers considers historical representations of schizophrenia and contemporary insights into the condition achieved through the use of virtual reality.

Every Thought There Ever Was is a major new touring exhibition by Lindsay Seers. Incorporating industrial robotics in conjunction with a three-screen video projection,...

Suffering | 2017

Materials: wood, corrugated metal, benches, paint, HD dual projection onto a house shaped screen, stereo sound with amplifier and subwoofer, objects and paintings by Leo Kelly.

MONA text: "The work invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of deceased Queenstown (Tasmania) resident, Leo Kelly. Displayed within a re-constructed tin-hut tabernacle, visitors watch Seers' film which is focused on Kelly. Alongside the tabernacle is an installation of Kelly’s paintings which reveals his relationship with faith, from visions of angels in the...

Materials: paper, card, paint, ink, felt tip, pencil, inkjet prints from Seers' original drawings, glazed box frames 70cm x 56cm

When does an artwork begin?

Almost twenty years ago, a set of events unfolded which I could believe are the origin of these drawings/paintings. A talented art student whom I taught was diagnosed with the condition of schizophrenia; then I had by chance discovered a book, "Lenz" by Georg Büchner, on a shelf in a house I was temporarily staying in. (The novella is based on a diary and was an early account of the...

Materials: Wooden structure, parts of a boat hut, window frames, reclaimed door, moss, tree trunk, metal chimney, deer skins, two synchronised 13 minute HD projections, 5.1 surround sound, drawing.

Monocular has taken a number of forms which have shifted to recognise developments in the narratve and differing geographical implications of the exhibition venue. These differing versions can be seen in Exhibitions http://...

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Materials: wood, cardboard, polystyrene, metal, clouts, 2x HD projectors, metal masks, 2x macmini, 2 x 27minute HD films, stereo sound delivered through headphones on internal gallery system (The O). 22 minute 5.1 sound installation in the tunnel and a collection of 16 figurehead drawings.



One of Many | 2013

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Materials: 4000 scallop shells, wooden structure with benches and confessional grill, black curtained walls, 2 x 1.8 diameter inflatable spheres, 2 HD projectors, 2 x 24 minute films, radio headphones with stereo soundtrack, an original newspaper from 1875


These portraits show people with a rare condition called chimerism, which is caused by the fusion of two fertilized eggs (non-identical twins) at a very early stage of gestation in the womb. A sign of this condition is heterochromia, the possessing of eyes of two different colours.

One of these differently coloured eyes is derived from the absorbed 'twin' and is caused by the presence of the alien stream of DNA of the lost sibling.

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure with steel platform. Cardboard tubes, cardboard star and diamond forms, wooden stairs, 22 minute HD video with 5.1 surround sound, masked projection onto an elevated circular screen. Monitor work on a plinth, free novel on shelves.

Lindsay Seers seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the strange disappearance of her stepsister Christine Parkes who suffered memory loss following a moped accident in Rome. Taking her point of departure for It has to be this way² in old letters, her stepsister...

Materials: Cardboard and wooden structure, 22 minute DVD projection with 5.1 surround sound onto two masked MDF circular screens on mobile TV arms, monitor with headphones embedded in structure wall, free novel to take away.

Text: Why it has to be this way. Author: David Burrows.

Transcription of a talk on It has to be this way¹˙⁵ by David Burrows for Aspex Gallery, 11th November 2010

[Extract] "It seemed that Lindsay Seers' work traces a line between narratives of...