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Materials: two robots, surround sound system, radio headphones, 3 synchronized media players, 3 projectors and a programmed light

Drawing on philosophical ideas and scientific research, this ambitious project by UK based artist Lindsay Seers considers historical representations of schizophrenia and contemporary insights into the condition achieved through the use of virtual reality.

Every Thought There Ever Was is a major new touring exhibition by Lindsay Seers. Incorporating industrial robotics in conjunction with a three-screen video projection,...

2052 Selves | 2018

Materials: website with HD screens divided in to three segments.

Lindsay Seers' National Trust commission involves an on-line work to be viewed after a visit to Knole (Seven Oaks). Cards in Knole visitor's centre lead visitors to the website address where chapters of a work are hosted.

Knole holds the handwritten manuscript of Virginia Woolf's Orlando, dedicated to Vita-Sackville West. The Orlando text is an encoded and mythical biography of Vita and is referred to as a love...

Suffering | 2017

Materials: wood, corrugated metal, benches, paint, HD dual projection onto a house shaped screen, stereo sound with amplifier and subwoofer, objects and paintings by Leo Kelly.

MONA text: "The work invites visitors to experience and admire the work and life of deceased Queenstown (Tasmania) resident, Leo Kelly. Displayed within a re-constructed tin-hut tabernacle, visitors watch Seers' film which is focused on Kelly. Alongside the tabernacle is an installation of Kelly’s paintings which reveals his relationship with faith, from visions of angels in the...

Mental Metal | 2017

Materials; three channel video installation on modified satellite dishes with curtain enclosure in red and black fabric and wireless audio.

Seers’ work ‘Mental Metal'  considers, through Simon Forman's writings, how elements of contemporary life have passed beyond causal, materialist/mechanistic Newtonian concepts to quantum speculations that have a hint of the supernatural about them. Although calling down spirits and distilling alchemical potions has the semblance of pure superstition, the complex...

Materials: metal and cloth 2m D circular screen, HD projection, media player, candles, theatre light, 70 wireless headphones


Lindsay Seers presents a...

Nowhere Less Now⁷ Materials: wood, cardboard, polystyrene, metal, plaster, HD dual projection, stereo sound on headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent.

An episodic work, which in this chapter addresses Glynn Vivian; his collection; his travels; his possible narcolepsy; his love of pugs ...we hear Vivian's voice musing on whether contemporary society has really managed to address problems like slavery.

Materials: wood, fibreglass, artex, cloth, paint, LED lights, astro turf, metal, golf irons and balls

A functioning crazy golf hole made for EM15 at the Venice Biennale 2015. The show featured nine golf holes by artists: Lindsay Seers, John Akomfrah, Ellie Harrison, Candice Jacobs, Hetain Patel, Yinka Shonibare, Yara El-Sherbini, Eyal Weizman and Doug Fishbone.

Lindsay Seers’ golf hole for Venice features a figurehead upside down and pregnant being attacked by two enormous snakes. The figure is Princess Salme (b.1844...

Materials: Wooden structure, parts of a boat hut, window frames, reclaimed door, moss, tree trunk, metal chimney, deer skins, two synchronised 13 minute HD projections, 5.1 surround sound, drawing.

Monocular has taken a number of forms which have shifted to recognise developments in the narratve and differing geographical implications of the exhibition venue. These differing versions can be seen in Exhibitions http://...

Materials: cardboard and wood ship; figurehead (mixed material); tetrapods (mixed materails); hemisperical and spherical screens on metal structure; folded paper; HD projections x 2, wired headphones.

Sound in collaboration with Pendle Poucher (additional music David Dhonau); production and animation with Keith Sargent

Three versions of the work Nowhere Less Now are shown here. Each edition is an entirely different work.

Version 1 was housed in a structure based around HMS Kingfisher (Artangel),...